Old School Is Back!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 2:42 PM
For those who deeply cherish well-known series from the 80's, here's some breaking news - they are all to be revived yet again! Who does not recall with some sort of nostalgia those late afternoon hits as "Vicky" or "Agent 86"? Speaking of "Agent", it seems that the inevitable aversion critics should have for remakes has been dismissed by the great perfomances by Ann Hathaway and Steve Carrell.

You will be able to brush up your Klingon soon, you trekkie kid. "Star Trek", directed by hyper-inflated "Lost" director JJ Abrams(!), is to come as a sort of consolation for those who revere this series. Check out the trailer below:

As you can realise, re-booting the whole concept from square one proves to be healthier, (and perhaps more profitable) than just trying to re-hash the same old routines.

When I was a kid, I would simply drool over the Knight Rider stunts and the technology used in it, something that would be risible for a 4 year old nowadays. Tell us if the film remake of the series does justice to the original one:

I believe that posing the following questions are valid: Should we keep trying to bring these rarities back to life, even if we lose the original charm and essence to them? Is it just a matter of making them look more up-to-date? Or they are to be seen as teasers for the new generation to get to know them? Are you a purist, a die-hard fan to these series?

see ya soon.


  1. well,I guess imagination is much stronger than the effects themselves. Old series are remarkable for the memories and feelings they bring back.

  2. On the one hand new generations of fans get acquainted with some concepts created years ago , updated to new times, of course. On the other hand, it seems lack of creativity, don't you think?