Wednesday, April 8, 2009 @ 3:50 PM
What is your favourite TV series? Talk about it.


  1. As I mentioned in the other topic, my favourite series is "Friends". But, I'd like to talk about a TV series that has grabbed my attention lately: "Fringe".

    It's a sci-fi drama, starring Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), John Noble (The Lord of the Rings) and (the unknown, at least for me) Anna Torv, who plays the role of FBI agent Olivia Dunham. Olivia and Peter Bishop (Jackson) are faced with a rapidly spreading unexplained phenomenon of the threatening kind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Bishop's estranged father, the institutionalized (meaning, c-r-a-z-y!!!) scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (Noble).

    Impressive special effects, a gripping plot and the brilliant performance of Noble make the series a must-see! You can't miss it! (Tuesdays, on Warner Channel)

    PS: For those who liked The X-files, give it a try. You may find it better... ;)



  2. I enjoy friends too. At the moment my favourite TV series is House. Although Hugh is a comedian, there's an air of mistery in the episodes. Dr. House rude and ironic remarks are hilarious.

  3. Carla Says:

    I quite like little Britain. It's a comedy show, which presents various characters, they use many traditional comedy techniques, like the use of the jargon, men dressed like women, but with that well know British sarcasm and lots of irony, it is very funny. I strongly recommend ;)

  4. Which channel is it on, Carla?

  5. cristiane Says:

    It´s a Friends because is very ,very funny,but star treck is my love....

  6. I'd like to talk about House M.D.

  7. Leon Says:
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  8. Do you think House is a man of principles?

  9. millaine Says:

    millaine: my favorite tv series is two and a half man.

  10. Simonne B. Says:

    Definitely HOUSE!! I love him!

    Méier I - RJ